Amazon interview experience Set 1

Amazon interview experience set 1

Online Round
1. Write a function to merge two sorted linked list in a linked list which is sorted. The time complexity of this function should be O(n+m) where n and m are sizes of two linked list, the space complexity should be O(1).

2. Implement a stack which has three operations: Push, Pop, and Max. The time complexity of all these operations has to be O(1) and space complexity can be O(n) where n is the number of elements present on the stack.

3. Find a missing number in an array which has numbers in range 1 to N and only 1 element is missing.

DS and algorithm round 1
1. Given a stream of integers, find the median of all the integers appeared till now.

2. Print right side view of a binary search tree.

DS and algorithm round 2
1. Given a stream of integers, find if there is a subset of these integers which add up to a particular sum.

2. Given a log file, implement a function which reads the last 10 lines of this file.

System design round
1. Implement an email service.

Cultural fit round
1. How did you handle conflict with your manager or a colleague?
2. What do you do when you see someone is taking credit for things you delivered.

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