Anagrams : Find if two strings are anagrams

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Check if strings are anagram

Given two strings, find out if they are anagrams of each other. Strings are said to be anagrams if they have same characters but in different order.For example, abcd and dcba are anagrams.


It’s actually a simple problem, we need to just check if both the strings contain same characters. 
First approach will be to sort both the string and compare if they are same. While sorting all the characters will come in lexicographical order and string with same characters will have same order of characters.
Best we can achieve using sort is O(N log N).
Can we do better? We have to keep track of character in one string in another. So if we find what all characters (count of each character) are there in first string, we can easily do that using hash table and compare with characters (count again) present in second string. If both the hash tables are equal, we can say that strings are anagrams.
Here we are using two hash tables. We can do away with on hash table. How?
While traversing the first string we will increment the count against character. While traversing the second string, we will decrement the count against character in the same hash table. If at any time if count of any character goes less than zero, it means, character is present in second string but not in first, so we can say strings are not anagrams.
If we finish complete scanning of second string, we return true.
To avoid check the hash table at the end for non zero count, we can first have a check on length of two strings, if lengths are not equal, straightforwardly say non anagrams. (Think how it avoids check of non zero count at the end :))

Code to find if strings are anagrams

Complexity Analysis

Complexity of algorithm to identify to strings as anagrams is O(N) where N is length of string.