Questions asked in interviews almost always have more than one correct solutions. Some of those answers are less efficient and elegant than others, nonetheless they are still correct solutions. The kind of solution you come up in interview decides whether you will be hired or not and if hired than at what salary?
It is very tricky for a developer or student to put themselves in interview mindset because interview process is very different than day to day job of a developer or student. The biggest challenge for any interviewee is “How to think with interview mindset and how to think right?”

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Why should you seek help when preparing for interview?

  1. Internet is vast and it is very easy to get lost in it. Specially under pressure, when you are preparing for your dream company interview. If there is someone who can coach you and guide you through that time, isn’t that cool!
  2. It is humanly not possible to read through all the problems on internet, but it is perfectly possible to lean concepts and apply them to solve similar problems.
  3. It’s always good to have someone to practice with and challenge our own comfort zones.
  4. Preparing with some expert makes you follow time table, when you understand concepts, apply them on problems and face mock interview rounds.
  5. You get the real time feedback, if you are progressing toward your goal. Interview result should not be a surprise.

How can we help you at Algorithms and Me?

We at Algorithms and Me strive to provide full support to interview aspirants of big companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon as well as local start ups with our personalized coaching, curated materials and mock interviews. We are team of experts with working experience in companies like these.

We coach individual on personal basis rather than in classrooms, work with them on concepts, help them solve problems and finally conduct mock interviews. Entire coaching session lasts for 15 days, 4 hours a day.

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If you any questions about our program and how it works, please reach out to us on communications@algorithmsandme.com