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We coach individuals on a personal basis rather than in classrooms, work with them on concepts, help them solve problems and finally conduct mock interviews. Algorithm interviews go beyond just algorithms and data structures. Our coding interview tips give you crucial tips and tricks that’ll make you stand out.

Curated study material for interview preparation

Based on your level, time and company we provide you with curate study material for interview preparation. Coding interview prep is a numbers game that many candidates lose. We’ve hand-picked top concepts and of the best coding interview questions to truly prepare you for an interview. The Internet is vast and it is easy to get lost in it. Specially under pressure, when you are preparing for your dream company interview. If there is someone who can coach you through that time, isn’t that cool!

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Mock interviews and feedback sessions

It is always good to have someone to practice with and challenge our own comfort zones.
Preparing with some expert makes you follow a time table, when you understand concepts, apply them on problems and face mock interview rounds. You get real-time feedback if you are progressing toward your goal. The interview result should not be a surprise.

Hey there! Do you want to ace your upcoming tech interviews? Get me there!

Professionals impacted

J Saosa

I recommend the service provided by Algorithms and Me to any programmer who has a Computer Science background and needs fast results in getting ready for job interviews. The instructor can suggest problems for you to practice, so you can better retain the material provided. Support after the sessions is provided on a needed basis. The overall service provided was a tremendous help.

A Kasturi

I was on an endless trail of learning and preparing for a job interview before I started coaching with Algorithms and Me. And then I was on track! He has a very practical and methodical approach for interview preparation. The best thing is, it was for me, as per my current situation and taking on from there. A big thanks!

Course components

Data Structures

Arrays Linked Lists Binary Tree Graphs Heaps
Sets Hashes TreeMaps Queue Stack
Leetcode problem solutions


Dynamic Programing Backtracking Greedy
Divide & Conquer Complexity analysis

System Design

Fundamentals Databases Binary Tree Caches
Web Architecture Distributed systems
Problem practices Design patterns Concurrency

Face to Face interaction

Mock interviews Interview experiences
Doubt clearing Coaching Assement and feedback

I am preparing for

Google Inteview Amazon Inteview Facebook Inteview Uber Inteview

How can we help you at Algorithms and Me?

We at Algorithms and Me strive to provide full support to interview aspirants of big companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon as well as local startups with our personalized coaching, curated materials and mock interviews. We are a team of experts with working experience in companies like these.

We coach individuals on a personal basis rather than in classrooms, work with them on concepts, help them solve problems and finally conduct mock interviews. The entire coaching session is for 5 weekends. If you any questions about our program and how it works, please reach out to us on