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Thank you very much for all your help, service, and patience.  You have been very resourceful and caring.  One thing I noticed about your communication with me is that you never say, "No," even when I answer questions incorrectly.  Instead you always say, "Yes," and then you show your point of view.  This is really good in terms of keep the person at ease and retaining their attention.    Below is my customer review.  Hopefully I didn't write too much.  Feel free to post this if you would like.   Please let me know if you have any questions.

The service provided by has been very helpful.  The individual one on one sessions covered detailed information and helped me prepare for programming interviews.  I was lost on how to start preparing, and Jitendra (instructor) helped me setup a plan to better prepare for interviews.   The one on one sessions allowed for the instructor to get a full assessment of my knowledge of the material.  A comprehensive review of algorithms material was suggested along with other topics.  I was not sure what to expect at first, but now I wish I would have found this service sooner.

At the beginning I did not know how to ask for help or indicate what topics I needed help with.  I simply contacted the instructor with the algorithm problems I was trying to solve and explained where I was getting stuck.  The instructor was quick to identifying the gaps of my knowledge.  If I could suggest to have some type of assessment test at the beginning it may be helpful for the first two sessions.  After a few sessions, I was feeling confident in approaching algorithm interview problems.

The material covered was detailed and geared towards my knowledge needs.  The instructor provided the material at a good pace where I was able to grasp the information.  The communication throughout the sessions were clear.  A flexible meeting time was allocated.  I booked several sessions to cover several topics i.e. algorithms, how to answer interview questions, mock interview, and preparation techniques.  Each session really helped me brush up and clear up on a lot of information.

Overall, I recommend the service provided by, “,” to any programmer who has a Computer Science background and needs fast results in getting ready for job interviews.  The instructor can suggest problems for you to practice, so you can better retain the material provided.  Support after the sessions is provided on as needed basis.  The overall service provided was a tremendous help.

Joao USA

I was on the endless trail of learning and preparing for a job interview before I started coaching with Jitendra. And then I was on track! He has a very practical and methodical approach to interview preparation. Best thing is, it was for Me, as per my current situation and taking on from there. A big thanks!

Amit India

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